Purgatorio (40)

Purgatorio (2014)

When a person opts for revenge they dig two graves.

Lights up and a woman sits in a roomanswering questions from a man in a white coat. What follows is a roller coater of emotions, a dark forest full of twists and turns, murder, love, revenge and betrayal; nothing is what you think it is and nothing will ever be the same again.

Purgatorio is a formidable work of drama penned by a theatrical master of the modern age Ariel Dorfman. This Chillien playwright is perhaps best known for his 1990 work Death and the Maiden, which was later turned into a film by Roman Polanski.

Dorfmans work often premiers on Broadway and has attracted a veritable plague of A list actors including Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Alec Baldwin, John Malkovich and more. Purgatorio had it’s Spanish
language premier in 2011 starring Viggo Mortensen and Carme Elias.

5pound theatre and Attic Erratic are bringing this play to Melbourne with a dedicated and fearless group of theatre makers at the helm. Bringing together once more- Freya Pragt and Jason Cavanagh who created a bit of a stir with their portrayals of Professor Higgins and Elisa Dolttle in the 2012 production of Pygmalion. Teamed up with award winning director, Celeste Cody who is in charge of bringing this technically challenging and intensely dramatic piece of theatre into being.

The text is a passionate lover that envelops you, making your skin tickle and your belly flutter. It’s something else… every time we visit Purgatorio we make new discoveries and delight in the questions it asks. – Celeste Cody

Can there truly be forgiveness and reconciliation in the aftermath of an unthinkably monsterous deed? How can you find repentance without destroying your identity? And what if the key to your salvation, is held by the very person you have hurt most in this world? Purgatorio is an exploration of some of our most secret fears.

This production was a co-production with 5pound Theatre