Here Comes Your Man (2013)

A Cabaret for the Contract Killer

Written and performed by Alex Roe, directed by Stephanie Speirs.

A theatrical cabaret with gripping music accompanied by original graphic novel-style artwork, this
brand new work will engage cabaret fans, entrance theatre buffs and entice anyone with a love for hit-man tales and the crime genre.

“There‚Äôs a place between life and death, and this is where the dead keep their stories. One such story belongs to X, a self-proclaimed misanthrope. In his life he was a killer by choice and by trade, with grand aspirations… but life is rarely about choice, and somewhere within every monster lies a spark of humanity.”

The group that brought you ‘Choir Girl’ and ‘Ad Nauseam’ returns to Fringe with this edgy theatrical cabaret; planting an antisocial character within an intimate medium to explore a life wasted. Dark, funny and beautiful – come meet the man, hear his story and revel in his glories.

September 19 – October 3, 8.15pm
(7.15pm Sundays, no show days)
Tix $18/$15/$14 (Tues & Group 4+)

Here Comes Your Man
Written and performed by Alex Roe
Directed by Stepanie Speirs
Produced by Danny Delahunty
Accompanied by Shannon Whitelock
Illustrations by Sophie Phillips
Trailer by Tom Doman
Music arrangments & sound design by Adrian Sergovich
Production Managed by Chrissie Robinson
Workshop Season accompanied by Tom Pitts
Photography by Sofie Muciniekas