A fantastic storyteller who feeds off his audience,  
- Three Weeks UK 

Whilst on tour, Angus was facing certain death. Even though everything turned out fine, it got him thinking…
The prospect of death might motivate most people to tick off their bucket list, but for Angus it was a realisation that his life had been filled with great intentions, just not a lot of finished plans.

This is a show for everyone who has had a brilliant idea but decided to watch Breaking Bad instead.

“His storytelling manages to be simultaneously
relaxed and enthusiastic, ★★★★”

- Edinburgh Festival List 

“Energetic, quick-witted and enormously funny”
- Yawp Magazine (2014)

“With the reassuring vocal skills of a Play School presenter, Angus Brown is a witty provocateur who just skims the surface when it comes to exploring his brain forest.”
- Rip It Up Magazine (2014)

“Brown is a passionate and energetic performer who will leave you with a smile on your face and a new-found appreciation for your mum.”
- Herald Sun (2013)

“Brown is a natural story teller, his one-man show becomes more than a simple stand-up act or a string of funny stories. It becomes a beautiful, life affirming message regarding self-truth and realizing dreams.”
- A New Leaf (2013)