Domino (3)

Domino (2013)

“This is the story, pain and glory of the Riser Man; it’s called The Tooth-Proof Redeemer.”

domino 3

Inner Big Dark, after the Earth was burned half to cinder, the whole world got real lumpy and lost. Was in a time called the Penultimate Now. A time of forever night, where ugly, hungry black wolves slunk through the thick black invisible. Here, five boys, now men, search their souls for a place of redemption; a place of brightness.

DOMINO appeared mid-June 2013 in the striking surrounds of the Abbotsford Convent. Taking place beyond the end of the world where blame and remembrance have long since faded, five young men have become the ‘full stop’ – the final vestiges of physical existence, suspended in cosmic irrelevance. And all dangerously bored.

This is a powerful work that questions masculinity and the future of all of us” – Aussie Theatre

They play a game to pass the time: a role-play to act out the end of the world, a game full of new myths to the tune of old evils. But the lines between illusion and reality begin to fade and in a world where there are no real things, real life dwindles into obsolescence and the world they created cancels itself out.


This new text from writer Giuliano Ferla was in development with Attic Erratic for two years prior to being presented – it is an end-of-the-world parable that takes us on a journey into a place without hope. Five men were born into a destroyed world, learning everything they could about what it means to be human from scraps of information left behind. As boys grow into men their games become more real, more dangerous and have wider consequences. But being obliquely aware that there will be nothing more than what there is here and now today they pray for a miracle: the return of sun and mother, and a banishment of the wolves forever more.

“The fine acting and the superb technical design make Domino a unique and engaging night of theatre” – Theatre Press

The 2013 production was Attic Erratic working in partnership with White Noise Children to create original projected animation that supplemented the simple (yet unbelievably complex) tale of five men desperately seeking something more in their lives. A full original score and a set design that celebrated the unique characteristics of the space all came together to make a show that spoke loudly about morality and choices in a world where actions have no consequences.

Domino (1)

Polly has an idea

Domino (2)

The game begins

Domino (3)

Gen can’t stop playing

Domino (4)

Story time

Domino (7)

The game is played again, new rules are made

Domino (8)

Skoll wants to quit

Domino (9)

Doc and Skoll talk about the rules

Domino (11)

Skoll finds something

Domino (12)

Prof returns, still playing

Domino (13)

Gen is wary

Domino (14)

Prof has a vision

Domino (15)

Prof transforms

Domino (16)

The game is getting too real for Skoll

Domino (18)

Prof is now Meat, the game cannot stop

Domino (19)

Preparing for the next round

Domino (20)

Gen is torn

Domino (22)

Skoll tries to quit, again…

Domino (23)

The final game must be played

Domino (24)

Skoll is sacrificed

Writer: Giuliano Ferla
Director: Danny Delahunty
Performers: Alex Duncan, Joseph Green, Kane Felsinger, Matt Hickey & Spencer Scholz

Music and sound designer: Tom Pitts
Dramaturg: April Albert
Projection art: Lucy Welsh
Projection technician: Tom Doman with Steve Duckham
Lighting designer: Laura Harris
Costume designer: Chloe Greaves
Photographer: Sarah Walker
Producer: Celeste Cody for Attic Erratic
Production manager: Chrissie Robinson
Stage manager: Alex Beyer with Stephen Moylan

Proudly supported by City of Yarra