Christina A Story With Music (8)

Christina: A Story With Music (2010, 2011)

“I don’t think about Christina….”

AtticErratic is pleased to announce the remount of this astounding piece of theatre from director Celeste Cody and writer, composer and performer Tom Pitts. Pitts uses evocative prose and a haunting score to take the audience on a journey through the experiences of a man trapped in his past and obsessed with the memory of his childhood love, Christina. A beautiful and truly unforgettable play exploring themes of love, loss and the dangers of living in the past.

“a haunting visceral experience…it stands regardless of venue as a beautifully poetic bit of prose, well paced, imaginatively conceived and wonderfully performed.”

“beguiling and evocative soundtrack”

“…leaves you with a sense of the creativity sparking well away from the bright lights of main stages.”

Text & Music – Tom Pitts
Director – Celeste Cody
Performer – Tom Pitts
Assistant Director – Tom Doman
Production Managers – Stephanie Speirs & Danny Delahunty
Production Design – Luc Favre
Lighting Design – Nick Wollan
Photographer – Sarah Walker

Set Design & Lighting Op – Phil Rouse
PR – Mike Doman