Centred square

Centred (2015)

 O’Kane is capable of conveying more emotion in one facial expression than most can with all the words in the world.
- Edinburgh Festival List

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What would you do?
With no one to talk to?

A charming physical comedy about every child’s fantasy and one boy’s nightmare: spending the night alone with no adults to tell you what to do.
Comedian and masterful clown Liam O’Kane teams up with joint artistic director Danny Delahunty to devise this amazing new silent comedy. O’Kane delves back into his early years, and with magical childlike wonder brings us into the imagination of a young child who desperately wants to be more than what he is and to leave the past in the past.

“It is a merging of silent sketch, clowning and theatre” says director Danny Delahunty “I’ve been lucky to have access to the highly trained skills of Liam [O'Kane] and have let the shape and content of the piece really come from his imaginations and physicality. But at the same time I am a theatre director, and every show has to have scale – Liam definitely does not disappoint in that department, there is a full journey for every audience member to go on in this piece.”