Ad Nauseam (2020)

Ad Nauseam (2010, 2012)

Cause tonight there’ll be a fire or a flood, or something, and I know that it’s going to bury me and it won’t just be up to my knees.

A stunningly performed and fully scored journey through a night of impulse, Ad Nauseam is a fractured celebration of excess, egoism and regret. Fresh from their highly acclaimed 2012 Adelaide Fringe season, Attic Erratic return to Melbourne for a limited season. Ad Nauseam: A Night of Infidelity is rhythmic sorcery; a deeply mesmerising monologue following one man’s journey through the streets and bars of an unkind city and into the dark recesses of his desire.

“Bendall’s delivery is spellbinding, while Tom Pitts’ rhythmic soundscape creates a compelling work”
- Tim Richards, The Age, 4 STARS

AD NAUSEAM has been developed over several years by the writer/composer mind of Tom Pitts (Melbourne Fringe Awards Special Commendation, Best Emerging Writer) well known for his first perspective storytelling texts fully scored with original music. This piece is crafted from poetic language and a musical score of waltz and rock, seducing and repelling the audience in equal amounts as our protagonist’s night comes together into one big heap. We’re forced to watch propriety collapse on itself, and as we’re drawn further and further into his story we discover a truth hidden in the stink of alcohol and sordid bedsheets: perhaps, we’re not all that different from him…

“Bendall is entrancing, owning every slight movement, articulating every syllable with precision. He holds the audience by the throat against a wall, only rarely letting them steal a breath.”
- Simon Eales,

MARCH 21 – APRIL 1: WED/FRI/SUN 6.30PM, THU/SAT 8.30PM | 9347 6142

“Revolutionary … poetic and overflowing with imagery … enchanting … captivating … a theatre show to admire”
- Kelly Mildenhall,, 5 STARS