Vanitas (2011)

“Let me say something about myself. I am possibly the least vain person I know. In fact, when I go to a club, guess what people say about me: Zenith is the least vain person in this club. Ever.”

AtticErratic is proud to reveal Vanitas, a tongue-in-cheek exposé of vanity and self-worth in our society.

Featuring the highly talented AtticErratic Acting Troupe, Vanitas explores societal structures via the Vestige family, who are no longer grand but won’t let the fact that they are well past their glory days affect them one bit. A guest, some luggage and an all-consuming fire forces this not-so-quaint family to cast their glance inwards and confront what they see.

A dark, comedic and coherent piece of modern theatre, Vanitas has been devised and directed by the troupe with the assistance of Artistic Director Danny Delahunty. A self-appointed expert on vanity, Delahunty said: “we are all vain and we are all driven by the presentational concepts within the farce called ‘society’… the troupe simply want to say that vanity exists, and that whilst this is not necessarily a good or bad thing, it most certainly is a thing.” This ‘thing’ is dexterously explored with an irreverence and light-heartedness that only serves to accentuate this important societal constant. Funny, intriguing and insightful, Vanitas represents the true story of every man and woman. And cat.

The season opens Thursday July 14 and only runs for 9 performances with a strict maximum capacity of 30 seats. Following our recent sell-out season of The Walls, seats for this show will go fast, so make sure you book in early to secure a seat.

This production is sponsored by The Owl and the Pussycat, a theatre and gallery space located at 34 Swan Street in Richmond that caters to independent artists. More information about this beautiful arts space can be found at​u/