Tripped (2014 & 2015)

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“Gripping from start to finish, 5 Stars” - Adelaide Now

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, two very different, very manly men take a stroll through a minefield… TRIPPED is a parable, examining racial prejudice through a dark comedic lens.

After surviving a helicopter crash, Norm finds himself held captive in the desert; forced to remain stationary by a landmine lying buried beneath his feet and by Ahmed, a gun-wielding stranger. As they quickly discover, Norm and Ahmed have a lot in common: both have lived in NSW, both have families, and both have a nasty habit of standing on landmines. With aching joints and parched throats, who will be the last man standing? With suspicious fingers poised on triggers, how long can the friendly chat hold out? All it takes is one slip. One step. What happens when we choose to step off?

“Outstanding proof that a Fringe act can deliver a memorable, disciplined, world-class bit of theatre in the space of an hour. It is gripping, amusing, surprising, and thoroughly impressive, 4 Stars.” - Adelaide Theatre Guide

Musgrove developed TRIPPED over the past few years, drawing inspiration from his experiences in his grown up job as a lawyer and the stories of people he has met from all walks of life. His enthusiasm for social justice combined with his sharp wit and wicked one-liners make for an hilarious and heart-breaking piece. Beneath Musgrove’s enthralling tête-à-tête there is an oppressive undercurrent, a single-minded fervour delicately crafted by award winning director Celeste Cody (Choir Girl; Christina: A Story With Music) that will have the audience as captivated as the two protagonists. Bringing Norm and Ahmed to life are Angus Brown (Get Ready, Get Set, Ahh F*%k it; Mania) and Ezel Doruk (Clique; Brown About Town) with Liam O’Kane (Mistakes Madeline Made; Who Is Eunice McBrae?) as the mysterious Jacques. TRIPPED will challenge, entertain and excite the Fringe audiences. In the current political and social climate, this play must be seen, heard and talked about!

“Ripped from the headlines, Attic Erratic’s new show promises to shock and awe.” - Time Out

Written by Nick Musgrove, Directed by Celeste Cody and performed by Liam O’Kane, Angus Brown and Ezel Doruk.

“This ambush was the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on stage for some time, and shows that Attic Erratic know how to give bang for your buck.” - Aussie Theatre

“Tripped is yet another exciting topical piece of theatre by Attic Erratic – good writing, strong direction and gripping performances.” - Theatre Press

“Tripped makes a current and contentious issue personal, and does so in a way that engages rather than repels its audience. Most importantly, it outlines an aspect of the debate that has been ignored.” - Hana Theatre